Safety of transfusion

Safety in the transfusion

A "smart" blood supply chain

Biotrac® offers hospitals and blood collection centres the opportunity to manage the transfusion supply chain in a timely and safe manner. From donation to blood bag processing and receiving to patient administration, Biotrac® improves the control and monitoring of every step of the process: a “smart” supply chain where the interconnection between applications and IoT solutions follows the entire processing pathway and enables the correct allocation of blood bags, thus preserving patient clinical safety. More timely monitoring of the transfusion process with special reference to the prevention of ABO incompatibility reactions – in compliance with the 2 November 2015 “Provisions on quality and safety requirements for blood and blood components” decree.

Unique identification

One of the central aspects that define the safety of the entire blood supply chain is the proper association of the blood bag with the transfusion recipient patient. In fact, incorrect allocation of the pouch can be life-threatening. Biotrac® makes it possible to uniquely identify both the patient, through the use of an RFID wristband, and the blood bag to which the traditional barcode label or the innovative RFID tag system can be applied. Through the use of dedicated Apps and software, identification is done in a secure and automated manner preventing the opportunity to make mistakes. The system makes the operator’s work easier, avoiding manual operations: Biotrac® enables fast and secure data reading. Biotrac® also enables the collection of transfusion events, creating a valuable database not obtainable with individual transfusion-based tracking. The operators and centres involved are also listed in the identification operated, so as to ensure detailed traceability of the process steps. Finally, the system allows the production of detailed reports, thus ensuring haemovigilance operations.

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