Business sustainability

Gadamed cares about environment and its respect, with an eco-sustainable production process, aiming at a "Green" management of all the activities, able to combine business needs with a non-invasive approach to nature.
Gadamed is constantly engaged in the introduction of new interventions, in order to promote a sustainable management, consolidating in this way a great added ethical value to business, nowadays an essential condition both for the economic activity as well as for the new widespread eco-friendly awareness.

ISO 14001 certification

A renewed awareness of environmental respect is a fundamental element for the company policy. In compliance with the current laws, the productive sector aims at achieving a new development which can manage to lead to a right balance among environment, society and economy.
Gadamed operates in accordance with all the requirements of the Environmental Management System, in compliance with the International Standard ISO 14001, ensuring important advantages for the company thanks to the achievement of the ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Green packaging and shipping supplies

In the context of an growing awareness of the environmental issue, for the company operations it is possible to promote and consolidate eco-sustainable choices, such as the green packaging. By using recycled material for shipping packaging, Gadamed manage to reduce the environmental impact, creating a virtuous circle. All the products acquire an added value since they are perceived as eco-friendly even in their presentation.

Electric cars for staff

Business travel is becoming eco-friendly thanks to a more ecological green model of management, respectful of nature. Gadamed encourages the use of electric cars for the staff with its fleet of electric vehicles, an important element of innovation that allows the development of a new mobility respecting the environment, in compliance with the European Green Deal target, in order to limit C02 emissions and air pollution.

Recycled plastic products

Gadamed promotes its commitment in respecting the environmental resources also by searching for new innovative and eco-sustainable materials in the production phase. For the realization of its products, the company introduces renewable materials, coming from an intense recycling cycle, reducing in particular the now unsustainable massive use of plastic.