Customized solutions for traceability

BIOTRAC® is the computer-based technological solution for the traceability of biological samples, organs and medicines. It can be used in all those fields where it is necessary to guarantee an accurate monitoring and tracking, ensuring the highest level of precision and safety.

BIOTRAC® and RFID technology

Part of the BIOTRAC® solution is the integration of digital systems with the RFID technology, a current well-established reality in many healthcare facilities, thanks to its complete, safe and effective monitoring of samples by the digital system.

The RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is an innovative technology which uses radio frequencies and the support of a “reader”, allowing the involved operators to communicate and update all the information contained in the “tag” memory of the interrogated object, in the quickest and most efficient way. All the data and a great amount of information are stored in tags – the main asset of this technology – by the application of labels endowed with RFID memories connected to the net, ensuring a larger storage of records on a single support.

Thousands of information can be stored such as:


Healthcare services data

Date and time of withdrawal

References to pathologies and diseases

All of this data and information enables all the operators to manage the needed processes in a safe, efficient and controlled way, reducing the risk of wrong laboratory exams or mistakes such as wrong record delivery, giving a great support to the precision of diagnosis and therapies.
The online data consultation by health professionals allows to take advantage of the new models of clinical information sharing, with a special attention to the development of a digital and integrated healthcare system.

BIOTRAC® - a new paradigm for efficiency

The RFID technology has a highly integrated and innovative asset, more efficient especially if compared with what is currently the most common system of identification and traceability of samples: the barcode.

BIOTRAC® overcomes the limits of this system.

Thanks to the application of labels detectable by radio frequencies, it is possible to eliminate the storage steps carried out with manual processes, by sending directly both withdrawal and tracking data to the system, where they can be immediately consulted and stored. With this process the margin of error is eliminated, avoiding the risk of deterioration of reports and especially the possible corruption of the current operation, due to a poor readability of codes.
By optimizing these features, the staff workload decreases significantly, bringing higher quality to the services.

Geolocation, temperature survey and anti-shaking

Geolocation and temperature survey are among the main data tracked by the BIOTRAC® technology, an essential element of this solution. BIOTRAC® is able to ensure the monitoring of sample movements and the reading of temperatures during each step of the journey, as well as among the collection phases and the following processing points . This system is important to preserve both the safety and integrity of samples. Furthermore, thanks to the BIOTRAC® anti-shaking detector, it is possible to trace the presence of accidental oscillations.

Web-based software - Maximum flexibility

The web-based software for BIOTRAC® devices allows the maximum flexibility and independence, ensuring the interaction with any operating software of the customers’ companies.

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