About us

GADAMED - passion for innovation

Gadamed is a leading company in providing highly innovative services for medical and healthcare technologies, inside the well-established GADA group. The GADA group installs and assists Smart technology solutions, both inside public and private healthcare facilities and not onlyThe use of the most advanced interactive computer-based systems, together with the development of new types of software and applications in the Connected-care field represents the main asset of the innovation technology, strongly considered by the company as a key point to develop. Thanks to its innovative technological solutions, Gadamed optimizes all the tracking operations for organic tissues, organs, transfusion monitoring, transport, monitoring and data management assuring the highest safety requirements and in compliance with the current data privacy legislation.

Development and Research department

In the engineering and creation process of new innovative solutions, Gadamed is supported by the highly qualified skills of its Development and Research department. By continuously researching the most advanced computer-based technologies -in particular in the field of communication technology and software editing - the company is able to develop the most efficient systems with the best results in terms of reliability and safety, supporting the production process and at the same time respecting all the standards regulated by the current laws. A fundamental role is played by the Technical assistance, both for medical devices and for all the technological services, as assistance support projected also remotely. In this way it is possible to guarantee a constant safety and a prompt intervention also by a remote support, thanks to the integration of the most innovative digital technologies connected to the net, such as the IoT (Internet of Things) e and the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification).

Smart technolgies

A considerable improvement in the supply and quality of services is possible thanks to the current development of the Connected care, a system that enables the achievement of a more digitalized healthcare system, by taking advantage of the interaction of all the operators involved with the interactive online file storage. In this context, Gadamed uses the most advanced information technologies for the development and creation of its integrated services, thanks to the digital functions of the Internet of Things (IoT, Internet of Things). The IoT technology enables to associate operational functions to objects (and therefore to healthcare devices), allowing them to interact with the online network. A lot of information can be obtained thanks to the application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). In this way it is possible to share and save quickly all the collected data in the computer system, shortening the time of operations and considerably reducing the margin of error (such as the exchange of reports and records).

GADA Group

The GADA Group is an excellence in the distribution of innovative medical technologies, on behalf of the world leaders in the healthcare industry. Thanks to its well-established experience, the GADA Group can boast a wide range of solutions, including integrated customized services.

The areas of use of its solutions and products are: 

Cardiovascular diseases

Critical areas


Intensive care

Blood sampling and processing

Pre-analytic phase of the laboratory


GADA Group - from technical support to technology

Among the services provided by the GADA Group, the Technical assistance – meant as support service both to the solutions as well as to the devices distributed to customers – has always played a decisive role. Subsequently, thanks to the experience acquired over the years and to its consolidated know-how, inspired by a constant foresight look to the future and the desire to offer new solutions, the GADA group has developed innovative projects which found their accomplishment in the creation of the Gadamed company. An evolution that moves from technical support to technology, in order to make products increasingly efficient and providing the offered services with the most advanced technologies.  This is the way the GADA group makes its contribution to a broad-base innovation, in the healthcare industry and beyond.