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Our integrated healthcare solutions

Thanks to the work of the division Innovation of its Development and Research department, Gadamed boasts and offer of highly specialized systems, such as the solutions BIOTRAC® and LOGITRAC®, leading services in the field of traceability and safety.

A new paradigm for efficiency

BIOTRAC® is the computer-based solution for the traceability of biological samples, organs and medicines. Moreover it can be used in all those fields where an accurate tracking is needed.

Solutions for traceability

LOGITRAC® is the technological interoperable and integrated solution for the optimization of the Supply Chain and Material Management, turning products into pieces of digital information easy to be consulted.

About us

Gadamed is an innovative and dynamic reality of the GADA group, national leader in the development and distribution of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector, on behalf of the the main international producers. The company projects integrated systems and specialized medical services, offering the most efficient high-tech solutions.

Industry 4.0​

By introducing the most advanced software innovations, together with a full optimizing of all the Smart Technologies of last generation, Gadamed assures the highest efficiency of its products, especially thanks to the advantages given by the RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. Gadamed can be so considered as a company fully inserted in the Industry 4.0, the current process of IT innovation which aims at achieving the best results in all performances, assured by the synergy between business services and the internet connection.

Technical assistance

All the technological solutions made by Gadamed are constantly supported by a Technical assistance service of high profile, both in terms of support to new technologies as well as for the maintenance of all the devices distributed to customers. Technical assistance is also provided as remote support, in order to ensure a prompt intervention in any circumstances.

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